Accessibility is Important to GTxcel

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Why Accessibility?

Your content should be accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they have a permanent disability or a temporary impairment. This has always been true, but more organizations are paying attention as the number of lawsuits has increased dramatically over the last few years.

Legal Risk

There were over 10,000 federal ADA lawsuits in 2018, a 33% increase over 2017. The best way to avoid a lawsuit is to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) set forth by the W3C.

Business Value

People with disabilities represent a sizeable market segment. The population is aging. Many older users have age-related vision, physical, hearing, and cognitive impairments that can affect how they use the web. Meeting the criteria set forth by WCAG helps ensure all users can enjoy your content. Older users and users with disabilities likely represent a growing segment of your readership. Don’t exclude them.

Accessibility Benefits Everyone

Accessible web content is easier for everyone to consume, even those without disabilities. Here are a few examples:

  • Video captions allow mobile visitors to silently watch video clips on a phone.
  • Structured HTML headings make content easier to read.
  • High-contrast text is readable on a phone outdoors in bright sunlight.

GTxcel makes PDF documents accessible automatically

Meeting the WCAG criteria can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to retrofit a system that wasn’t originally designed to be accessible or if you don’t have an in-house software development team. At GTxcel, our dedicated development team has spent a lot of time ensuring that our Turnstyle platform allows our publishers to easily meet the WCAG criteria. We do the heavy lifting for them by automatically extracting accessible HTML from their PDF documents.

Here’s a sample of how Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader accesses the GTxcel Webreader interface.

Accessibility is important and GTxcel can help any organization be compliant. Contact us to find out more.