Our cloud-based solutions help publishers, business organizations, and institutions transform printed content into an engaging digital reading experience, distributed to the broadest possible audience.


GTxcel leverages decades of industry-leading innovation to address the shifting challenges of digital integration, content delivery, and audience measurement across industries and geographies.

Digital transformation has become an urgent priority for organizations in recent years. Our mission is to make this transition a success, by improving the ways content and platforms work together to increase reader engagement and facilitate growth.


We partner with leading publishing companies, technology firms, business organizations, and learning institutions to expand the lifespan, flexibility and engagement of their content.

GTxcel is meeting the growing need for digital versions of printed content across all business categories.


Juggling between online teaching and in-classroom has become challenging and confusing for students and educators. We think it is time to change that.

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Bringing together the visual power of print with the interactive strength of digital is just a click away. It's time to re-imagine the possibilities.

One of our major goals is to save money by converting print readers to digital readers. Subscribe for free and have the magazine delivered straight to your device(s) for each of the next 12 months.

David Wight

Online Editor, Costco


Trusted Industry Experience

For over 20 years, GTxcel has been at the forefront of digital publishing. Going beyond just replicating a document digitally, GTxcel brings new dimensions and engagement to printed content. At a time when digitization of content is critical for distribution of information, GTxcel provides digital access to printed materials for a fraction of the cost of traditional print publishing.


A Transformative Platform

With the growing reliance on digital content distribution, businesses require efficient and cost-effective ways to create the digital equivalent of their printed materials. GTxcel’s proprietary SaaS platform effortlessly brings documents and publications to life by combining them with rich media, videos, advertising, and powerful tracking in a format that responds and adapts for viewing on any device, anywhere.

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Strength in Leadership

We consider ourselves more than just a digital publishing platform, and are committed to building an enduring company with a single purpose: to help our clients succeed. The best way to do that is with great people who truly enjoy their job.